Webster Sailing Association

42 02' 20"N, 71 49' 48"W


Day Sailor

The Webster Sailing association has been hosting Fleet 49 of the Day Sailer Association http://daysailer.org/ for many years. With 16 boats, it continues to be our most popular and active group of boats in the club. While the O'Day DS 1 is the most popular model, we have a few O'Day DS 11 as well as some Spindrift DS 1.

Mariner Fleet

Although not officially a fleet of the US Mariner Class Association http://www.usmariner.org/, the Webster Sailing Association maintains a strong relationship with them with the hopes of rebuilding a fleet. There are currently four Mariners in the club down from a high of nine. We are currently trying to recruit more Mariner Owners into the club.
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